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It doesn't matter if you were born lucky, given an 'upper hand'. There will always be a way for the reckless to lose their head start in life, or for the unfortunate to gain what was never in their grasp. --------------------------------------------- Scholar is the story of Arthur Tibarious, and incredibly lucky (yet unfortunate) Prince who has been imprisoned for half of his young life. As an emissary and 'Scholar' working for his captors, he stumbles upon the truth of his world. Is the life he left really worth going back to?


Not that I deserve it...

...but there are some amazing people who view this site, and read my comic, every day. It's humbling... and embarrassing. I owe you all so much better than you are getting from me right now. But! I don't want to focus on negative things when there are so many positives behind the scenes. And please know that even after a time gap like this, you all are still my backbone in making this story. I thought, when I drew the first five pages of the story back in 2003 that I was lucky, blessed, or an idiot to have created actual comic pages. It was like a dream come true, I was actually capable of something like this. Except, the original pages were bad, very VERY bad by my current standard and the writing was even worse. That being said, when I reread the comic that is online now, I can be very proud of some moments of it and I like it as a whole (but because as I get better the old stuff looks so much worse, it's hard for me to know if I'm doing well or not). The fact that there are readers, actual fans reading this every day and so many views a month... all I can say is that I don't deserve you and you are appreciated. You prove it to me, time and time again, that this is a story worth writing, and I would be again an idiot if I didn't work to deliver it to you.

So, about the hiatus (aside from I did have to get a new job and work hours seem never to end);

It's not called writer's block when you can't write the current story until you get a future one out of your head, is it? Because basically I have an over 80 page name (storyboard) for events in the future in the story that I had to get out of my head before I could move forward with the main story. The problem is, I love LOVE the characters of SCHOLAR and it's very much a 'character driven' story. I draw a character, they look a certain way, and I decide their story or background after that. If they are only in a panel or two they may not get further development unless I become curious about them; why are they there, where did they come from, etc.

Also- rewrites! I've written most of the next chapter and rewrote the pages leading up to it. That threw off the updates from their schedule because I didn't want to put out a bad piece of work. What ultimately broke my rhythm is that the pages were rushed (I already have to be better at pacing and I feel there's too much text on each page as it is). The conclusion to the Eny/ Jad'Dua fight is known to me, but I have to make sure it's done with care so I'm not rushing things.

However, I'd like to continue updating and working on this comic and my time may well be better spent drawing than over-conceptualizing. You all can already tell I'm obsessed with world-building, right? Well maybe that can be put on the back burner when there will be no story at all without artwork (and I freaking WISH I could show you all the name I created- I'm so proud of it! But sadly that's a few chapters away for it to even begin to be included in the main story). BUT! We'll learn more about the people who are at SERIN in the meantime, and that should have some great drama and action in it too.

Thanks for sticking with me, I can never say it enough. :3
-Lisa Z

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Cover Art Update!

Please pop over to the cover page for chapter one to see the colored version!

This image was last updated in 2011, when I darkened the lines but I always wanted to color it, so here it is. I try not to revisit art too much and in the case of the first several pages (the prologue) I have no intention of changing the older art, it's better to see the progression I think of a webcomic and the way the art style naturally develops over the years. But covers I'd like to hafe all in color one day.

Thanks as always for reading Scholar the Webcomic!-
Lisa Z (Frogsnack), author of Scholar Comic

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Hi all! I've been much more active on social media of late regarding SCHOLAR, and I'll make a master list here at some point as this site is updated FIRST when new pages come out!

Almost caught up to this are the pages I have put up on Tapastic ( which does have the advantage of larger file sizes and a simpler comment system. There is a master list of my social media accounts there as well on my Profile page,. and please check out my PATREON page (it's a great way to support my art and gain access to extra content like the audio vault, concept artwork, world building and Eny's blog). I have relaunched it so it's new and has more content than before!

THIS NEWS POST however is about the end of chapter 2: I'm not trying to confuse anyone! Page 31 of CH2 is now going to be page 1 (or more likely 2) of Chapter 3. Why? Because this Jad'Dua arc took much longer than I thought to resolve and my goal per chapter is 25-30 pages (traditional Manga length for magazine publishing as this is destined for future printing). Hence the new tag 'Chapter End' on page 30 of CH2. I have inked the relationships page for Ch 2 and that will be up shortl.y, followed by a title page for Ch 3 and Ch 3 p01 FOLLOWED by what was CH2 p31. When you see this please know I am going for long term continuity and I feel the way it was posted was a mistake. I'd rather the chapter lengths be reliable than confusing, so please excuse that I took down page 31 for now.

Thank you all very much and COMMENT if you have ANY CONCERNS!
The Frog

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Live Streams!! Check 'em out!

Live Streaming happens at!
Come hang out while I draw and listen to jazz & oldies, it's really that simple!

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Super Powers, activate!

There's a lot of concept work I'm doing right now in the middle of Chapter 2 and towards the end- I've known for a while now what tribal abilities can do, so there's no real development that I need to do in that regard. However translating abilities from text to comic has been a bit more challenging than I anticipated! So pardon the bit of time some pages have taken, and please check my Twitter (@Frogsnack) out or feel free to ask me any questions there- I known how silly the comment section on Smackjeeves can be. Just wanted to give you all a heads up!

I also post works in progress of pages to my Instagram account (@Frogsnack)

Don't forget you can support Scholar at and there are larger pages coming out at Tapastic (If you're curious to see them).

Love ya!
-The Frog

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Special Treatment!

FIRST Patreon Post is all about the original concept!
"It's two parts skepticism and three parts hope. That is Scholar."

Also, someone asked me recently why Eny has 'all these special permissions', I will answer more in depth in another Patreon post soon, but basically he's more of a Prisoner of war than anything, and the complex doesn't really house criminals because it's not run by any specific government or Tribe.

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Support Scholar on PATREON!

Scholar is now on Patreon, please consider pledging there so I can create more content more quickly. Patreon pledges equal more pages and comic content and less freelancing. Get world building, character advice, monthly sketches or portraits and eventually even audio notes of my many evil plans regarding the series!

Scholar is the story of Eny, a kidnapped Prince forced to serve his captors as they seek to steal life (and ability) away from the people he cares about. He is joined by his temperamental (or just mental) co-conspirator Ivan and the kind yet naïve newcomer Shiloh.

Sample portrait (Shiloh as the example!)

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I've done something risky for the sake of this comic- the FULL time job I've referred to so often in the past is not where I work any longer. Somewhere a few months from my 11th anniversary of working there I had just had enough.

"I WANT TO DRAW!" Was being screamed over and over in my heart for so long it was starting to become an old sadness, until finally the breaking point was reached.

-> I literally just quit my job to work on my manga! O_O <-

This is a terrifying and exciting time. While I do have savings I don't like not earning money and I'll need to start earning my keep again soon. I'm going to start doing some freelancing (graphic design) while I create Scholar, although I plan on giving Scholar a solid push in the direction of BEING my work.

Any kind of support is appreciated (comments, prayers, of course money if I can get a donate button on here).

For the time being, I can ACTUALLY update twice a week again. Let's see if I can push it further than that.

Please keep an eye on my Twiiter, Instagram and Deviantart accounts as each get something different in the way of updates.

-Lisa Z (Frogsnack)

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