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Hi all! I've been much more active on social media of late regarding SCHOLAR, and I'll make a master list here at some point as this site is updated FIRST when new pages come out!

Almost caught up to this are the pages I have put up on Tapastic ( which does have the advantage of larger file sizes and a simpler comment system. There is a master list of my social media accounts there as well on my Profile page,. and please check out my PATREON page (it's a great way to support my art and gain access to extra content like the audio vault, concept artwork, world building and Eny's blog). I have relaunched it so it's new and has more content than before!

THIS NEWS POST however is about the end of chapter 2: I'm not trying to confuse anyone! Page 31 of CH2 is now going to be page 1 (or more likely 2) of Chapter 3. Why? Because this Jad'Dua arc took much longer than I thought to resolve and my goal per chapter is 25-30 pages (traditional Manga length for magazine publishing as this is destined for future printing). Hence the new tag 'Chapter End' on page 30 of CH2. I have inked the relationships page for Ch 2 and that will be up shortl.y, followed by a title page for Ch 3 and Ch 3 p01 FOLLOWED by what was CH2 p31. When you see this please know I am going for long term continuity and I feel the way it was posted was a mistake. I'd rather the chapter lengths be reliable than confusing, so please excuse that I took down page 31 for now.

Thank you all very much and COMMENT if you have ANY CONCERNS!
The Frog

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