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Summery Updates!

Welp my computer went down and I'm still not sure how to use all the new features after my brother rebuilt it.

I've been working like crazy which is why I've been unable to make this deadline as it's not paid work it's hard for me to prioritize it. This is highly ironic, as it's all I really want to do in my life- work for myself and get to draw! But right now I'm going to try to do everything without getting overwhelmed- thank you very much for coming here and checking on me and Scholar after so many ups and downs with updates. I feel I've really done you all a disservice but not communicating more, so I guess I should go ahead and make a facebook or twitter?

I don't here much from the readership here and you guys are the best motivation I've ever had- I don't want to lose you all!

So thank you very much for your support over the past few years, please know that I still plan on continuing Scholar despite the other things I still juggle. I've been doing some illustration as well, but not for my comic, and when I was stressed out with this story, I started writing a fanfiction (which hold one wait! I don't think it was a waste of my time!) I write it more for myself when I have a screaming headache and think that the pressure of the comic is too great- I can type quickly and put a few pages together whereas once page here is pretty frustrating as it takes 8 hours or so. It's satisfying to draw but the few words I jot down are just pure self-satisfaction.

I'll see what I can do in social media to become more involved with you all here!

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