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I’m sure you’ve all heard from other comic creators talk about how long it takes to make a page, and how difficult it is to do, so I’m not going to get into that here.

And while most of what you’ve heard about it is all true, it’s still our responsibility as the creators to figure out the best and most efficient way for us to create the pages in the way that suits the story we’ve created. Agreed?

So knowing that, I’ll also say that the process of coming up with ideas and key plots points is also the other side of the coin and cannot be rushed. (more on that later, if you like)

There’s been an annual challenge, as a creator, that I have had to face. Like it or not, having strong ambitions as I do, I have to admit that sometimes everything gets beyond me. It seems like every year when I get into my strongest rhythm with updates and am eager for the energy burst or spring- my job steps in and begins pulling 10 and 12 hour workdays right out of me.

Creatively during this time, thinking about my comic and what I’m going to do next or how I’m going to draw as soon as I get home or on my lunch break gets me through the long hours, but then I admit when I get home I fall right into bed or have to do a bunch of regular mundane lifey-stuff like laundry and securing victuals. I’ve had days where I bring sketches to work with me and get geared up for a productive lunch break- only to not get a lunch break.

So eventually I throw up my hands and realize that I’m not going to get vacation time for a long, long while and I need to make sure I’m in top shape for work, eating right and getting enough rest.

I hope this clears up some of what goes on, I don’t know if I’ve gotten through a spring with regular updates in the last several years, and those of you who’ve checked back on Scholar have probably noticed. The first hiatus was actually terribly long and it’s gotten to be less and less time ever since. Every year I tell myself ‘not this time! I’m stronger, more efficient, etc!’

But I’d like to highlight the importance of you all, your role in pulling me back to my regular schedule and in reminding me that I’m not just making Scholar for myself anymore.

When I log into smackjeeves after three weeks without updates and am terrified to click the ‘statistics’ tab to see pageviews (sometimes I’m too embarrassed to even log in, actually), and I see an incredible number- which may just seem like a lot to me- it makes me run right over to my desk and get working out of graditute.

Honestly- all I can think is, ‘I made everybody wait for me’, and ‘I can’t make them wait any longer!’ As silly as it may sound, I saw 17 votes in 8 days in June on topwebcomics and it nearly made me cry. Now I have no idea how many votes is a lot. But to me, who has been berating myself for not getting my nose to the grindstone and can’t forgive my lack of time/ ability/ guts or what-have-you, seeing those meager two votes a day warmed the cackles of my heart.

No, no this is absolutely not a ‘plese vote for my comic all the time or I won’t be able to create’ bullcrap speech. What it is is an acknowledgement that you all owed me nothing, and yet supported the work I am doing anyways, which made every hardship I have had to overcome worthwhile. It makes the fact that I will be facing a very busy day with way less sleep than I should be getting a drop in the bucket.

You guys make me want to quit my job and risk everything to create my comic- and there is no feeling on earth that can be equal to that kind of inspiration. Although that’s not in my plans now, it’s been lingering as a temptation of my passionate heart. If I ever do something crazy like that- you all will be the first to find out about it, after my boss. =^_^=

Seriously- thank you. I have always noticed the one or two extra votes, the few comments I've gotten (good or bad) I always appreciate that you have taken the time.

Thank you,


(The Frog)

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