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Qabil's Game

We'll be hearing more about him in the next post- so I figured I should let you all know who won the 'attacker's name' poll- Qabil!

And so a little more detail about the group of guerrilla kidnappers that appeared waay back on page two and three of the prologue. Now's a great time to go back and revisit the prologue if you haven't before- it will all be tying into the plot here a little at a time. My intent for Scholar is that it have a lot of depth, so there may be many things I've developed as background information for side characters that gets merely alluded to. Depending on how well it's received, I can reveal more in the future. So in short, yes we'll be seeing Qabil again, but his merry men? That all depends.

I've also been typing out the comic in novel form to have a strong undercurrent to each character and their history. It's a bit quicker to type a few pages in an hour or two than it is to draw a single page in about six to eight hours- The story in the end just needs to be told!

Thank you all for your support,

The Frog

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