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Not that I deserve it...

...but there are some amazing people who view this site, and read my comic, every day. It's humbling... and embarrassing. I owe you all so much better than you are getting from me right now. But! I don't want to focus on negative things when there are so many positives behind the scenes. And please know that even after a time gap like this, you all are still my backbone in making this story. I thought, when I drew the first five pages of the story back in 2003 that I was lucky, blessed, or an idiot to have created actual comic pages. It was like a dream come true, I was actually capable of something like this. Except, the original pages were bad, very VERY bad by my current standard and the writing was even worse. That being said, when I reread the comic that is online now, I can be very proud of some moments of it and I like it as a whole (but because as I get better the old stuff looks so much worse, it's hard for me to know if I'm doing well or not). The fact that there are readers, actual fans reading this every day and so many views a month... all I can say is that I don't deserve you and you are appreciated. You prove it to me, time and time again, that this is a story worth writing, and I would be again an idiot if I didn't work to deliver it to you.

So, about the hiatus (aside from I did have to get a new job and work hours seem never to end);

It's not called writer's block when you can't write the current story until you get a future one out of your head, is it? Because basically I have an over 80 page name (storyboard) for events in the future in the story that I had to get out of my head before I could move forward with the main story. The problem is, I love LOVE the characters of SCHOLAR and it's very much a 'character driven' story. I draw a character, they look a certain way, and I decide their story or background after that. If they are only in a panel or two they may not get further development unless I become curious about them; why are they there, where did they come from, etc.

Also- rewrites! I've written most of the next chapter and rewrote the pages leading up to it. That threw off the updates from their schedule because I didn't want to put out a bad piece of work. What ultimately broke my rhythm is that the pages were rushed (I already have to be better at pacing and I feel there's too much text on each page as it is). The conclusion to the Eny/ Jad'Dua fight is known to me, but I have to make sure it's done with care so I'm not rushing things.

However, I'd like to continue updating and working on this comic and my time may well be better spent drawing than over-conceptualizing. You all can already tell I'm obsessed with world-building, right? Well maybe that can be put on the back burner when there will be no story at all without artwork (and I freaking WISH I could show you all the name I created- I'm so proud of it! But sadly that's a few chapters away for it to even begin to be included in the main story). BUT! We'll learn more about the people who are at SERIN in the meantime, and that should have some great drama and action in it too.

Thanks for sticking with me, I can never say it enough. :3
-Lisa Z

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